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AIQ Ecommerce updates for April 23, 2024

AUTHOR: The AIQ product team

Report downloads

When exporting a .csv, you are now able to close out of the export status modal while it works to retrieve your data. Once the download is completed, you are able to retrieve the export from My Profile > Report Downloads. Here you can also retrieve previously exported reports.

Analytics: Segment by Order Type and Payment Type

Retailers can now segment their Sales analytics by Order Type and Payment Type by using the dropdowns.

Note: This only filters the top level analytics and not the category breakdown.

We have also received feedback that some organizations are experiencing slowness with loading analytics, which we have fixed in this release. Please reach out to support if you are still experiencing issues.

Store Status Setting (for those with multiple locations)

Previously, to show/hide a store from the dropdown on the menu, the Dispense team had to do this for you.

Now, retailers have full control over which stores show in this dropdown with this new setting under Store Settings > Info.

Why might I want to hide a store? I want to be able to configure all of the settings for a new store, but it might not be open yet.

Help Docs

Our Dispense help docs have a new home! You can bookmark this link or use any of our documentation buttons throughout the app to navigate to

COVA Terpenes and Cannabinoids

When setting up specifications for a product within COVA, we require the value to be setup as a number with the name matching any terpenes or cannabinoids currently supported by Dispense. Please visit our COVA help docs for a full list of supported labs.

Bug Fixes

  • Brands that had an apostrophe in their name returned a 404 when trying to access that page via link

  • Max per customer warning was appearing on menus despite this value not being setup in the product details

  • Previously Dispense wasn't handling Michigan purchase limits for infused products. This release will correct this for stores currently using Treez POS. We are looking to expand this to other point of sales in future releases.

  • Occasionally we would default to delivery on the order modal. We have corrected this so we will now always default to In-Store.

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