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AIQ Ecommerce updates for April 30, 2024

AUTHOR: AIQ Product Team

Dispense v8.6.0 will be released April 30th, 2024

Dispense & AIQ Updates

We've enhanced the integration between Dispense and AIQ to provide a smoother experience for retailers and their customers by enabling better communication between the apps.

If you currently use only Dispense and wish to start using AIQ, please reach out to your Customer Success representative to learn more.

Shopping in the AIQ Native Loyalty App with Dispense

Consumers can now shop your Dispense-powered menu within the AIQ loyalty app. We have implemented Single Sign On, so consumers only need to sign in once (to the AIQ app) and will automatically be signed in to shop the Dispense menu.

Note: Some consumers may not have an email attached to their AIQ account (this varies based on what questions you ask at loyalty sign up), they will be asked to enter their email in order to shop the Dispense-powered menu so we can connect the accounts if one exists.

Consumer SSO - Watch Video

Retailer SSO

If you are a current customer of both Dispense and AIQ, no action is needed. Please continue to log in to each app as normal.

If you are only using AIQ and not Dispense, you will see a prompt to sign up for ecommerce in AIQ and will be able to access both apps using your AIQ credentials.

Audience Badges

We've brought AIQ audience badges into ecommerce menus!

If an audience that you've created in AIQ has a badge attached to it and a customer falls into that audience, they will see that badge on their profile in their ecommerce account.

Passing loyalty signature from Dispense checkout to AIQ

We now pass the digital signature from Dispense checkout to AIQ during the ecommerce checkout process, allowing customers to opt in once instead of requiring double opt-in

Dispense Updates

Ability to Reorder Deals on the Menu

You can now organize the ordering of the offer tiles on consumer menus by using the reorder component: either enter in the number in the box or use the up/down arrows to change the order.

Email updates

Added store name and address to confirmation emails

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug where Sale offers are defaulting to a flat dollar $ discount when they were intended to be a percentage discount.

  • When a user is logged in, the contact info fields at checkout are collapsed. When they attempt to sign up for loyalty, they may have a missing field which results in an error; we will now uncollapse the fields to make it more clear what info is missing.

  • We have fixed a bug where reordering the built in categories is not reflected in the menu category icons.

  • Previously we were incorrectly mapping the Treez terpene Terpinolene to Terpinene in Dispense. We have corrected this and also added in Terpinolene syncing.

  • Previously we were treating Michigan concentrates as a flower equivalence instead of a 1:1 allotment with a 15 gram limit.

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