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AIQ Ecommerce Updates for May 14th, 2024

AUTHOR: The AIQ product team

Cart Upsell

Introducing the ability to upsell products at cart! This is a strategic move for retailers for many reasons: Increase AOV, improve your customer's experience and enhance product discovery.

You control which data source (Purchase History, Brands, Price) to prioritize or to exclude, set a price range and add up to 5 brands. This is a great way to showcase any in-house or prioritized brands you might have.

POS Enhancements


  • Previously we required stores to select whether or not to map pricing tiers to AIQ Ecommerce as either a price tier OR a weight tier. We have updated our logic to look at the quantityUnits field.

    • If this is Quantity and tier information exists, we will map the tiers to our price tiers

    • If this is Gram and tier information exists, we will map the tiers to our weight tiers

  • When stores use the "Notify" action in DutchiePOS, we will sync this to AIQ Ecommerce's Ready for Pickup status. Note: These statuses get synced every 10 minutes.


  • We will now use the Per Location Low Quantity Threshold setting in Alleaves and sync this data to AIQ Ecommerce. If the available quantity in Alleaves is less than or equal to Per Location Low Quantity Threshold, we will set this products quantity in AIQ Ecommerce to zero which removes the product from your menu.


When orders are canceled in AIQ Ecommerce, customers will now receive a confirmation email including a link to place a new order. This link will navigate them back to the menu where the original order was placed.

Bug Fixes

  • Leafly: Previously we were sending Pre Rolls to Leafly as flower, we have corrected this and this fix is already live.

  • COVA Pricing: Previously we were defaulting to Tax Inclusive Pricing (TIP) when the preferred default pricing was Tax Exclusive. We also improved our logic to look for the locationId in case different locations using COVA have different pricing configurations.

  • Fixed an issue where an image coming from the POS would sometimes appear broken.

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