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AIQ Ecommerce updates for April 9th, 2023

AUTHOR: The AIQ product team

Our newest release, which is a continuation of Pink Lemonade will be live the week of April 9th.

Custom fonts

Dispense supports the use of up to two fonts: one for body, one for numbers, with two variations each: regular and bold. Use either Google Fonts or upload your own custom web fonts, file types: TTF, OTF, EOT, WOFF. To get started, head over to your branding settings to update today!

View all offers

We have added a new icon to your menu so customers are able to view all offers in one section conveniently located in your category carousel! Here we will display all live offers and up to ten items currently on sale.

New and improved search

We have rebuilt our search engine from the ground up to improve the customers and employees experience.

You can now search the following fields in:


  • Brand

  • Name

  • Description

  • Terpenes

  • Category/Sub Category

  • Effects

Order Management

  • Name

  • Order number

  • Phone number

  • Email address


  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

Age gate

Dispense now offers you the option to enable an age gate when navigating to our SEO menu. We will use your full logo from the light section of branding as well as the minimum age you have in your settings. To enable, go to settings > orders > minimum age.

When this is enabled, customers will see an age gate when trying to access your menu hosted by Dispense

Bulk delete products

Stores now have the ability to bulk delete products in Dispense (with permissions). When a user has the permission Delete Products enabled, they can filter out the products they want to delete in the products dashboard. Once they have them filtered out, they can perform a bulk update.

*Note: If the item has available inventory in your integrated point of sale, it will show up again after the next POS sync.

Kiosk updates

Some stores and point of sales have different requirements on what information needs to be obtain at checkout. Because of this, we have added options for users to require the date of birth and/or email address when using our kiosk mode. Enabling these fields will make them a requirement on your kiosks checkout screen.

Treez/Swifter updates

You can now enable if you would like to use the total from Treez POS when the customer checks out. Enabling this feature from your Treez integration panel will override the subtotal and taxes within Dispense at checkout.

When this is used with Swifter payments, we will use that total when we authorize the ACH transaction. Additionally, Dispense will now pass along the Swifter Order ID to Treez when submitting an order. This will allow Treez to capture the payment with any total changes that may occur in store.

Bug fixes

  • When customers added a promo code on the cart screen, this occasionally did not pass to the checkout screen requiring customers to enter the promo code again. The promo code will now pass to checkout correctly.

  • Previously BLAZE's order status syncing was not functioning as intended. Users should now see BLAZE's order status synced with Dispense every 10 minutes.

  • When customers did not meet the delivery minimum threshold, the customer received an alert asking them to add more items or to switch to pick-up. This wording did not work for locations that were delivery only. We have updated this verbiage to say: "Minimum order is {{delivery minimum}} for delivery. Please add more items."

  • When labs previously had a value but no longer do in your POS, we were not overwriting them in Dispense. We have corrected this behavior.

  • When products defaulted to the brand image, the brand image was not appearing in the cart or at checkout, this has been resolved.

Meet Lindsay Breckheimer, Dispense's Customer Support Specialist. This release is named after her favorite strain, Pink Lemonade by Aeriz. It’s a cross between Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk. This sativa-dominant hybrid is exactly as sweet and comforting as its name suggests. From the first moment you take in its strong, citrusy aroma, Pink Lemonade will bring energy and focus to whatever your day brings you. Due to this, Pink Lemonade can be enjoyed at anytime of the day!

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