The AIQ product team

AIQ Ecommerce updates for December 5, 2021

AUTHOR: The AIQ product team

Payment Type

Added the requirement that users select a payment type. This will default to cash.  This information will appear in the delivery tab of the order screen as well as print on the Dispense ticket.

  • Users will need to check which payments they accept under store settings > Orders.


Receipts Updates


  • Receipts are now organized by category.

  • Added the total number of ordered items to the receipt.

Chat Refresh

We have moved chat to the main screen. You will notice a new tab to the right of dashboard and orders. When a new chat comes in, you will get a red indicator displaying the number of chats that currently need to be responded too.

Browser Notifications

We have moved the notifications settings to “My Profile”. We have also added Browser Notifications and Sounds to the notifications for users to enable/disable.

Kiosk Mode Updates

While in kiosk mode, when the inactivity popup appears, we added a secondary option to end session. When users select this, it will end the session and clear all data.

We have also made Kiosk mode non-iframe based. You will need to pull the updated kiosk URL from settings to take advantage of the upgrades!

Bug Fixes


  • Users reported issues with bulk updating removing featured/new statues. We fixed this by requiring users to select if they want to bulk update these statuses. Defaults to “Not Applicable”

  • Users reported issues trying to rearrange their banners/categories. We have disabled the ability to sort these by header. This fixes the issue and users should no longer experience this bug.

  • Users reported a bug causing the unsaved changes popup to appear every time the order page is closed. We have removed this popup from appearing when there are no active changes that need to be manually saved.

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