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Dispense updates for February 27th, 2023

AUTHOR: The Dispense product team

Our newest release, which is a continuation of Pink Lemonade is now live!

Promo codes

You can now enable a promotional code for any of our offer types. Using promo codes can help a company increase sales, acquire new customers, improve customer loyalty, promote products, and clear out inventory. Enabling these is easy! First, follow the existing flow to set up an offer. While on the settings screen, you will see a new toggle to enable promo codes. Selecting this will require a code to be used in order for your customers to take advantage of the offer. Promo codes can only be alphanumeric and are not case sensitive.

If a customer has a better deal in their cart when they enter in the promotional code, we will display an error informing them of this and will not apply the offer.


If you would like to see how your offers are doing, you can now see your offers analytics by navigating to your offers dashboard for quick insight into performance. Each offer set up in your organization will now display the number of redemptions, total discount applied as well as the total revenue you have gained.

*NOTE: This will only be for new redemptions after our release on 2/27/23, existing redemptions will not be added*

Print from your sister Rec/Med store

Stores that have both a medical and recreational menu can now use a single printer. For assistance on how to enable, check out the video.

Print from sister location - v7.2.0 - Watch Video

Chat notifications

You can now get an email for all new chat notifications you are following at multiple locations. To enable:

  1. Go to your profile

  2. Select notifications

  3. Select all locations you would like to get an email for when new chats come in > Save

  4. Go to each location and ensure you are setup to "Auto follow new chats".

    • You will only receive the emails for chats you are following. If you want to receive an email for all new chats, you must enable this setting for each location.

POS updates


  • Dispense will now sync order statuses from Treez. When they are canceled or completed in Treez, we will cancel or close the order out in Dispense. This occurs every 10 minutes.

  • Previously when we were sending the delivery address to Treez, the house number was being dropped. We have corrected this.


  • Infused products, such as edibles, beverages, topicals, and tinctures, will now display the potencyAmount in the labs section. We currently support THC, CBD, CBN, THCa, CBDa and CBG.

  • Infused products that have a unit of EACH were previously showing up in Dispense without a weight. When a product is set to EACH in BLAZE, we will now use the THC field from potencyAmount to determine the appropriate weight of the item.

Cart API

  • We have added a productUrl to each item in the cart. This will allow our partners to send customers back to a specific product on your menu to help increase revenue from abandoned carts.

  • We added a new endpoint to our cart API so our partners can now pull a list of all venueId's associated with the organization for more detailed targeting. You can access this by going to our new endpoint /2023-03/venues . Additional details can be found in our dev docs.

Bug fixes

  • Stores can now enable notifications for multiple locations.

  • Previously, we inadvertently set toast notification for curbside and drive-through orders to disappear after 7 seconds. We have reverted this change so these notifications remain on the orders page until dismissed by staff.

  • When categories didn't have product in stock, some users saw that the icon did not disappear from the menu. We have corrected this behavior.

Meet Lindsay Breckheimer, Dispense's Customer Support Specialist. This release is named after her favorite strain, Pink Lemonade by Aeriz. It’s a cross between Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk. This sativa-dominant hybrid is exactly as sweet and comforting as its name suggests. From the first moment you take in its strong, citrusy aroma, Pink Lemonade will bring energy and focus to whatever your day brings you. Due to this, Pink Lemonade can be enjoyed at anytime of the day!

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