The AIQ product team

AIQ Ecommerce updates for July 17th, 2023

AUTHOR: The AIQ product team

Gary Payton v7.7.0 will be live the week of July 17th.

After hours ordering

For stores who only allow same day ordering, we have now added a setting under order settings to allow for after hours ordering. When this is enabled, we will open up next day ordering when the store closes based on the stores business hours. All stores will need to ensure their business hours are setup correctly, regardless of your purchase window. When the store is closed, we will display a banner informing the customer that the store is currently closed but customers are able to place an order on the next business day when the store opens.

This banner will also display for stores that have next day ordering allowed, even if after hours ordering is not enabled.

If your store only has same day ordering without after hours ordering enabled, we will display a store closed banner instead.


  • When creating a new offer and your store allows stacking, you can now set more specific stacking settings at the individual offer-level.

  • When creating a new offer, you can now choose to limit the offer to a specific number of uses. This rule will be applied per order.

  • We will no longer apply offers based on what order they appear within the marketing section. Because of this, we have removed the ability to move offers up and down in the list. We will now instead apply the best discount available based on the customers cart.

  • We have added a toggle to each category and offer icon in the products settings. If you would like to disable a category or no longer show the offers icon, simply toggle them off.

  • When creating an offer, you can now upload an image to be displayed on the offer tile. This setting is optional and is not required when creating an offer.

  • When you set up an offer to only apply to specific items, you can now use a filter to only show products currently in stock which makes it cleaner if you are only planning on using products in stock.

Cancelled order notifications

Based on feedback from our store partners, we have added a new notification setting for staff. Staff can now enable email notifications to be sent to them when an order is cancelled. To enable, go to your profile and enable cancelled orders email notifications for each store you would like.

Cart API

We have added two new fields to the Cart API to help our partners track the orders journey from Dispense through to the POS.

  • posOrderId: which will have the orderId number that we receive as a response from the POS and;

  • posType: which will have the name of the POS

Bug fixes

  • We have fixed an issue where H1, H2 and H3 formatting was not appearing correctly in the product descriptions.

  • Some stores have reported issues with products appearing more then once on their menu. We have corrected this issue.

  • We have removed the QR code messaging from the confirmation screen while using kiosk.

  • When disabling offers, sometimes the offer was still visible on your menu. We have fixed this bug.

  • We have fixed an issue with our Cart API where the customers information was not appearing in the API for orders placed in our kiosk menu.

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