The AIQ product team

AIQ Ecommerce updates for July 28th, 2023

AUTHOR: The AIQ product team

Pineapple Express v7.7.46 is now live

After hours ordering improvements

We have now given stores to ability to turn off the after hour ordering banner while still taking advantage of this new feature. To disable, head over to settings > orders > disable Show closed message

Alleaves fixes

  • Previously Dispense was not filtering out deleted profiles when looking up customers through Alleaves API, we have added logic in to ignore profiles that are marked as deleted.

  • When attempting to update a customers medical expiration date, we were receiving this error from Alleaves Date of birth is required. Customer account creation is limited by age. despite the age being present in the customers profile. We have added in logic to always include the date of birth when making an update to a customers existing profile.

  • If a customers birthday is null in their Alleaves profile, we will update their date of birth to ensure the order flows through properly.

Treez fixes

  • A previous change we made to Treez inaccurately handled items with an INVENTORY_TYPE: ALL which resulted in medical or recreational only stores not properly pulling in accessories or merch which had this inventory type set. We have corrected this issue and accessories and merch are now flowing into Dispense again.

Aeropay error handling

  • Previously we were only handling errors with a 4xx/5xx response. This caused some Aeropay customers to receive a blank error. We have corrected our system to look for errors with a 200 OK response to ensure any Aeropay errors get properly bubbled up to the customer.

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This strain is often praised for its unique and enticing aroma, which combines sweet and tangy pineapple notes with hints of earthiness and tropical fruit. The flavor profile usually mirrors the scent, providing a delightful and enjoyable smoking experience.

In terms of effects, Pineapple Express is reputed for delivering a well-balanced high that combines both cerebral and physical sensations. Users often report feeling uplifted, creative, and euphoric, making it an excellent choice for social situations or creative endeavors. Simultaneously, it may induce a relaxed and mellow body sensation, which can help alleviate stress and tension.

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