The AIQ product team

AIQ Ecommerce updates for June 19, 2022

AUTHOR: The AIQ product team

Our newest release will begin rolling out the week of June 19th, 2022.

Configurable Banners

Perhaps one of our most requested features! You may now set up an internal destination for banners. When you upload a banner, Dispense will default to all categories. Now you can choose additional options such as deals, categories or categories + brand.

Filter Improvements

We have made it so our filter options are expandable and collapsable on our menu. Customers can simply choose how they want to filter their menu

Grouping Redesign

We have completely changed the way we group products. We will no longer automatically group products that come from LeafLogix. We have ripped this out and have now decided to give the retailer the power to decide what products they want grouped together. Simply filter out which products you would like to group together, then perform a bulk update to group them! After they are grouped, you can also manually ungroup items as well, ensuring your menu looks the way you want it too. For more precise filtering, you can now search for multiple SKU's. Simply add a comma and space between them. (12345, 67890)

With this redesign, you can now also group accessories together! Gone are the days of having multiple products listed for different size apparel or other accessories you may have different sizes of. Now you can assign them a size then group them together through a bulk update!

Flowhub Updates

Dispense now supports Flowhub's weight tiers. Simply create the weight tiers in the backend of Flowhub and Dispense will now read these tiers and combine them into a single product with multiple weight offerings.

Bug Fixes

  • We have corrected an issue users had when attempting to zero out taxes.

  • Users reported that the email notifications for staff was not working as intended. We have implemented a fix.

  • When making a change to a product, the product score would temporarily go down. We have fixed this to ensure the product score stays the same when making a change.

New Dispense Pages

Status Page: Check out real-time and historical data of the Dispense App anytime on our status page. If you ever experience an issue, this is the place to go. Make sure to subscribe to have updates automatically sent to you or your team in real time.

Updates Page: We are also launching a new updates page. Ensure to subscribe here and let us know which categories you are interested in learning about when we release updates! You can also give us feedback on this page. This will continue to allow us to build our app by dispensaries, for dispensaries.

That's all for now, but we are always working on new features and enhancements, so be on the lookout for future updates!

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