The AIQ product team

AIQ Ecommerce updates for June 20, 2021

AUTHOR: The AIQ product team

Kiosk Mode

For dispensaries using tablets for in-store ordering, we now offer a Kiosk Mode version of Dispense that makes it easier for customers to buy cannabis products on those devices.

Here's how it works:

  • An initial "Start Shopping" pop-up will appear when the customer first goes to place an order

  • After 30 seconds of inactivity, a message will pop up asking the customer to click "I'm here" in order to keep shopping

  • If they don't click it, they will be logged out and/or their cart will be emptied

  • Once a kiosk order is made, a button will appear to clear their session

  • Pickup times are not required when placing a kiosk order

  • Kiosk orders will display on the Dispense dashboard as "Pre order - Kiosk" (versus orders coming from your website widget marked "Pre order - Ecomm")

Restrictions on Words Sent via SMS Text

Due to U.S. regulation, when using Customer Chat, you can no longer send SMS text messages that include cannabis-related words, categories, and slang terms (including "cannabis" and "dispensary.") If you do, an error message will appear. You can, however, continue using these words when messaging your customers through Dispense's web chat.

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