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AIQ Ecommerce updates for March 4th, 2024

AUTHOR: The AIQ product team
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Dispense v8.4.0 is expected to come out the week of March 4th, 2024. Subject to change

Improved Search Engine Optimization

  • Added out of stock items to your stores sitemaps to ensure continued indexing of these pages

  • Added four new pages that you are able to setup variables for the meta title and descriptions, these are accessible in your stores SEO Settings

    • New pages are Terpenes, Effects, Offers and Cannabis Type

  • Improved page performance! Search engines, like Google, consider page speed as one of the ranking factors, and a faster website can lead to better search engine rankings and improved user experience.

  • We've also made some behind-the-scenes improvements to SEO. We've added some additional schema including: breadcrumbs, collection page, and brand.

Review Enhancement

Customers can now show off their bud with an option to upload a picture to their review.

The photos will appear in the pending review within the web-app. Here you can choose to reject or approve like normal.

If approved, customers will see the image while browsing reviews.

Public API

We are continuing to improve our API offering! See our API Docs for full documentation. Docs will be updated after our release!

  • New Orders Endpoint /2023-03/orders and /2023-03/orders/{id}

    • Added a new orders endpoint so partners and stores can pull orders by status or type. This endpoint will tell you what the current status of the order is in Dispense.

  • Reviews Endpoint /2023-03/reviews

    • Added in reviewImageUrl so you are able to pull in images left on a review.

  • Updated date filters

    • Dispense has deprecated dateStart and dateEnd. Instead these have been replaced by createdStart and createdEnd as well as modifiedStart and modifiedEnd. When looking at a single day, you will need to pass a timeframe in your query. Dispense accommodates both the abbreviated and extended Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time formats. For example, if you want to pull for a specific date, you can now use ?createdStart=2024-02-29T00:00&createdEnd=2024-02-29T23:59 to filter out only responses created on that one day.

  • Fixed an issue where passing a param caused the count to be blank.

  • While Dispense will still default to limit of 100, you can now add in a query param to increase the limit up to 250. ?limit=250

Shop by Terpene

When shopping by category, customers can use the new terpene filter to shop! This allows customers to shop based on whats most important to them. The filter dynamically shows which terpenes are available in each category.

Customers can also select the terpene icon on the product pages to bring them to the new terpene URL path.

Age Gate - Require DOB

To stay compliant for some states, Dispense has added in an optional setting you can enable which forces the customer to enter in their DOB using a MM/DD/YYYY format. Add this in by heading over to Store Settings > Orders > Age Gate

POS Updates


  • We will begin utilizing BLAZE's orderTags when submitting order. You will see any of the following depending on how the order was placed CURB_SIDE, DELIVERY, DRIVE_THROUGH, WALK-UP_ORDER and KIOSK_ORDER

  • We will send time slots for In-Store orders along with Delivery orders now


  • For Certificate of Analysis secondary links within the product description, we have updated the copy to "Download COA"

  • Alleaves has corrected an issue where the API was not sending Dispense the full Chemical Profiles of products in the updated inventory endpoint. This change is already live.


  • We will now send the inventory_type to Treez when submitting an order.

Flowhub Maui:

  • Previously we were holding inventory when an open order exists in Dispense. However, we learned that Maui also holds inventory for open orders when Dispense pushes orders to Maui. This resulted in double inventory being held and products being removed from the menu despite being in stock. Dispense has introduced a new feature to Maui customers so when order syncing is enabled, we will mark the order as fulfilled. This releases the held quantity on our side! If for any reason you would like Dispense to hold inventory for a specific order, you can toggle this field off on the order slide out.

Weedmaps Improvments

  • Added a new tab on the order slide out window to pass over any information from the Weedmaps order to Dispense. Information passed here includes order type, address if delivery, time slot, customer notes.

Bug Fixes

  • We have corrected an issue with sitemaps that was including /products/ in the menu paths which we sunset in the last release.

  • Large images were extending past the borders of some stores age gates, we have corrected this by adding in sizing parameters.

  • Fixed an issue where stores received this error when attempting to update the current days time slots pick up start time cannot be more than 1 day after the date.

  • Some users were met with a popup blocker when trying to access the Aeropay modal within Safari for the first time. This fix is already live.

  • The issue preventing auto print from working using the pending status has now be resolved.

Kush Mountains is an indica dominant strain made from a cross between White Walker and Blue Flame #4. Kush Mountains is known to have an intensely relaxing effect and users reported flavors of earth, lemon and sweet diesel.

Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene and Caryophyllene

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