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AIQ Ecommerce updates for May 22, 2022

AUTHOR: Dispense Products Team

Custom Category Icons

Dispense now allows you to upload custom icons to your menu. Go to your store settings > products to upload your preferred image.

From your product settings, you can also revert the images back to Dispense’s default images by selecting 'Restore default'

Updated New/Sale Styling

We have updated our styling for products tagged as new or on sale!

Alphabetize SEO Menu by State

Previously we sorted the SEO menu by location name first, then state. We have changed this so the states now appear in alphabetical order.

Support for LeafLogix Customer Lookup

Before submitting an order to LeafLogix, we will first perform a customer lookup in LeafLogix using one piece of information from the customer. This includes MMJ ID, email address, phone number or last name + DOB. If LeafLogix responds with an existing profile within your organization, Dispense will no longer overwrite customer information.


Support for new LeafLogix Strain Types

LeafLogix has introduced two new strain type options. Indica-Hybrid and Sativa-Hybrid will now map correctly to Dispense when you have cannabis type syncing enabled from product settings.

Updates SEO Menu Setup Instructions

We have updated our instructions for how to set up the SEO menu through Cloudflare. We will also automatically update the script to include all stores in your organization as well as the menu path entered in the SEO settings page.

Bug Fixes

  • Some users reported erroneous discounts occurring after a bulk update. This has been corrected.

  • Users reported that phone numbers in the organization tab were not formatted automatically. We will now automatically format these phone numbers to a 10DLC format.

  • Some customers reported a bad terms link in our confirmation email. We have removed this link for the email and combined everything into one Privacy Policy link.

  • Stores changing POS integration were receiving an error that their previous POS was still connected to their Dispense account, we have made it so that disabling one POS integration will completely remove it from the account.

  • Some users reported that after selecting an item and going back to the menu, the item selected will appear multiple times. This has been fixed.

  • Added the year to the monthly view in analytics

  • Corrected an issue with analytics where the y-axis labels were getting cut off.

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