The AIQ product team

AIQ Ecommerce updates for May 26th, 2023

AUTHOR: The AIQ product team

Bleating Goat v7.6.3 is now live!

Sale improvements and bug fixes

Based on customer feedback we have made improvements to our new sale offer as well as made several bug fixes.

  • Our new sales offer will display sales as either a percentage (%) OR a flat ($) amount off depending on how the discount is set up in the marketing tab.

    • IF more then one sale is setup on a single offer, we will either show the best discount OR we will combine the discounts and list them as percentage off on your menu. This depends on your stores stacking settings.

As a reminder, please ensure to clear all existing discounts using a bulk update before you move your sales to the new offers section.

  • We have resolved the following issues:

    • Discounts were appearing as 100% on the menu off despite being setup correctly in the web app.

    • On some occasions, when attempting to put a dollar off discount in the new sales feature, the field turned red and you were not able to advance to the next page to continue setting up the sale.

    • Promo codes were getting errors when attempting to save changes.

    • When using the search engine, results were limited to one page. We have now introduced a 500 product limit when searching.

    • We have continued to make improvements to our analytics engine and are now seeing all the data filled in.

    • Purchase Limits for Maryland. Patients can now order up to 120 grams of flower or its equivalence in THC products.

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