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Dispense updates for May 8th, 2023

AUTHOR: The Dispense product team

Our newest release, is now live!

Custom header enhancement

Dispense supports our existing headers in JSX as well as full HTML headers. You are able to continue to use our sample code, or you can create a fully custom header in a code editor and copy-paste into Dispense. This approach is more advanced, we recommend asking a developer friend for help. You are able to upload custom files such as JS and CSS files and add your own head code in. See our help docs on how to take advantage of this new enhancement!

Medical copy

We have updated our text at checkout for medical locations. Previously we asked for the Medical ID. Because some states call this Patient ID, we have updated this copy to Medical/Patient ID.

Time slot enhancements

When making a change to manual time slots (non default), you can now select the start date you would like it to be applied too. For example, if you would like to add a single or reoccurring time slot which starts on 5/10, simply change the date to 05/10/2023.

Bug fixes

  • POSaBIT: Previously we were incorrectly mapping the order status from POSaBIT to close out orders in Dispense. We have updated our logic to correct this and only close out orders in Dispense when they have been completed in POSaBIT.

  • Previously our items for sale on the new offers screen was limited to 10 items. We have now made this an infinite scroll.

  • When large product names are used, the name would get cut off in the orders detail screen. We have corrected this.

  • When offers were created using a filter, the offer would not appear on the product details page. Offers will now show up on the offers page for all qualifying products.

  • We have fixed an issue where the date changed when scheduling an offer.

  • Product meta descriptions and title tags now include the weight to prevent google from seeing duplicates.

  • Some filters in the products section of the web app were not functioning as intended, these have now all been resolved.

  • When performing a bulk update, Dispense gave an inaccurate value for the number of products we were updating.

  • When stores were using deli style weights, we were not accurately filtering these products out when applying offers or using the filters on the consumer menus. We have corrected both of these issues.

  • When making a change to offers, the location sometimes reverted back to all.

  • We have fixed an issue that caused some stores errors when attempting to update product discounts.

  • When viewing product reviews, some users saw an error message Cannot populate path customer because it is not in your schema. Set the strictPopulate option to false to override.We have fixed this.

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