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Dispense updates for November 1st, 2023

AUTHOR: The Dispense product team

Dispense v8.0.0: Strawberry Cough

Expected Live Date - November 1st, 2023

Role based permissions

With the introduction of the Strawberry Cough update, Dispense is implementing Role-Based Permissions. Previously, permissions were set user-by-user. Now you can create a custom role (e.g. 'budtender') and assign all of the applicable users to that role. All existing permissions will be retained; however, it will be necessary to establish roles prior to onboarding new staff. For guidance in initiating this process, kindly click here.

Checkout changes

We have implemented a series of enhancements to our checkout process. When customers opt for guest checkout, they will now be presented with the opportunity for expedited account registration. This entails a simple action of selecting the 'Sign up for an account' checkbox and setting a password.

When users are signed in, we will also now collapse their information at checkout for a cleaner more streamlined experience.

Pinning brands

Previously, stores were limited to pinning individual products within their categories. We have now introduced the capability to prominently feature brands at the top of categories.

Alleaves enhancements

  • Dispense will now synchronize the following fields from Alleaves when syncing is enabled:

    • Strain

    • Strain Type (Sativa/Hybrid/Indica/Indica Leaning Hybrid/Sativa Leaning Hybrid)

    • CBN and CBG values from the chemical profile

  • We have optimized the process for retrieving terpene information. Dispense will now recognize a Unit of Measurement (UOM) in the terpene value field within the chemical profile. For instance, if you wish terpenes to display as 1.2%, you should input this value in the chemical profile, ensuring to include the % or mg notation. Dispense will default to mg if no UOM is specified.

  • When a delivery order is placed and the customer provides delivery notes, this data will be transmitted to Alleaves, accessible both in the POS and the Alleaves GO App.

  • Kiosk and Walkup orders will now be transmitted to Alleaves as In-Store orders. This adjustment will enhance reporting capabilities in Alleaves for monitoring order flow.

  • The synchronization of order statuses has been rectified. Now, when an order is marked as completed or cancelled in Alleaves, the corresponding status will be promptly synchronized with Dispense. This synchronization process will occur at 10-minute intervals.

Flowhub Maui enhancements

  • Dispense will now assess the 'isSoldByWeight' flag to determine whether to map the 'weightTierInformation' to a deli-style (weight) or price break (discount for purchasing multiple prepackaged units).

  • We have addressed an issue where each batch was generating a new product entry in Dispense, leading to multiple products displaying with zero quantity. Our logic has been refined to appropriately evaluate whether a product is new or not.

  • Room filtering occasionally encountered complications when a product was associated with multiple rooms. This issue has been rectified, and room filtering should now operate as intended.

  • Order times will now be transmitted to Flowhub Maui.

  • In light of recent changes to order types in Flowhub Maui, Dispense will now relay orders to Maui with the appropriate orderType designation (delivery, pickup, kiosk, or walk-in), depending on how the order was placed in Dispense.

THC/CBD changes

Previously, we utilized a formula to derive the primary THC/CBD values from the labs provided by your point of sale system. In certain instances, this approach resulted in higher-than-anticipated values, particularly in states where both THC and THCa values are reported. To address this, we have eliminated the formula and will now display the highest recorded value.

Weight changes

We have streamlined the shopping-by-weight process for your customers. By eliminating the weight dropdown and introducing intuitive selection options, we anticipate a better shopping experience for stores using our deli-style or price break price types.

SEO enhancements

  • Implemented self-referencing canonical metadata across all menu pages, enhancing Google indexing capabilities.

  • Introduced {{productSubCategory}} as a dynamic variable for page titles and descriptions. This enables automatic inclusion of Sub Categories in your product detail pages' meta title and description.

Bug Fixes

  • The issue where brands were erroneously appearing in GA4 as [object Object] has been rectified.

  • Previously, when products were disabled in Dispense, attempting to access their respective pages rendered them unavailable. This led Google to interpret these URLs as 404 errors. Moving forward, we will maintain the product page's accessibility for disabled items and clearly indicate their unavailability.

  • We have implemented a change to ensure that the casing of brands and product names from POSaBIT will consistently match the format as received from POSaBIT.

  • The auto-print function was not properly initiating for orders set to come in as pending. This has now been resolved.

  • Users now have the capability to delete pending reviews.

  • An issue causing multiple filters to yield no products in both the application and menus has been addressed and resolved.

  • Before, when you sorted custom categories, it would sort all products in your store without paying attention to the specific categories. We've fixed this problem. Now, sorting will work properly, taking into account the categories.

  • We've made sure that when your customers pick a weight for bulk items, it shows correctly from start to finish at checkout

  • We've addressed this issue and now, when grouped products have different images, we correctly update the image on the customer menu based on the selected weight.

  • Previously, we weren't providing Treez with the delivery and pickup timeframes for customer orders. Now, we'll be sending these details both through the API and in the order notes.

Strawberry Cough is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain renowned for its unique flavor profile and uplifting effects. Its name aptly captures its distinct attributes. This strain offers a delightful fusion of sweet, fruity notes reminiscent of ripe strawberries, coupled with a subtle hint of earthiness.

In terms of effects, Strawberry Cough is known for its energizing and euphoric properties. It tends to induce a clear-headed, focused state of mind, making it a popular choice for daytime use. Many users report feeling a surge of creativity and sociability, making it an excellent companion for social gatherings or creative pursuits.

Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene and Caryophyllene.

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