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AIQ Ecommerce updates for November 6th, 2022

AUTHOR: The AIQ product team

Our newest release will begin rolling out the week of November 6th, 2022.

TREEZ is a POS software that integrates with METRC. The Dispense integration with TREEZ is equipped with an entire suite of dispensary software tools to enable your dispensary employees to increase sales, manage inventory, run promotions, and ensure your business is working at maximum efficiency while optimizing the customer experience.

Effects updates

We have completely transformed our product effects. Each product will default to a maximum of three effects based on cannabis type. You can also change these values by going to the product > advanced and manually selecting up to three effects.

The consumer menu now has the ability to filter by effects. Your customers can select the desired effect by either going to the filter dropdown on the left side of the menu or by selecting the effects tag from the product details page.

Default Effects

Products redesign

In an effort to make our products page more responsive and to effectively scale down to smaller sizes, you will notice our products table has been redesigned.

*Please note that the sync and page options have moved to the bottom of this page*

Bug Fixes

  • Users reported issues updating the menu note. These issues have been corrected.

  • Dutchie POS syncing was occasionally backed up resulting in longer periods between syncing. We have implemented fixes for this and are no longer seeing these background jobs backed up.

Dispense Pages

Support Email: Incase you missed our last email, our support email has recently changed! To submit a ticket or request a feature, reach out to [email protected]

Status Page: Check out real-time and historical data of the Dispense App anytime on our status page. If you ever experience an issue, this is the place to go. Be sure to subscribe to have updates automatically sent to you and your team in real time.

Updates Page: Visit our new updates page to stay up to date on new and existing updates. Dispense also collects user feedback on this page. This will continue to allow us to build our app by dispensaries, for dispensaries.

Meet Tanya Tsikanovsky, Dispense's Partnerships Sales Manager. This release is named after her favorite strain, Garlic Juice by West Coast Cure. It’s a cross between GMO and Papaya. West Coast Cure’s one is most special. It makes you feel very intensely high without heaviness. You’re able to function and feel relaxed while having the world around you sparkle. And it truly does have a hue of Garlic, which sounds off putting but is actually delightful.

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