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AIQ Ecommerce updates for September 21, 2021

AUTHOR: The AIQ product team

Order Type Changes

We have changed order types to be more user friendly! You will see three order types in the backend of Dispense.

  • Pre Order: This will be all orders placed through your retail website.

  • Kiosk Order: This will be all orders placed on your Kiosk tablets while in store.

  • Walk Up Order: These will be any orders placed by staff in the backend of Dispense.

In addition to the order type changes, all three will now report separately in the performance view on your Dispense Dashboard.

Kiosk Mode Changes

Your customer will now have a faster experience while using kiosk mode. Upon checkout, they will only need to provide their first and last name as well as phone number! All other fields have been removed creating a better and more simplified user experience.

We have also added improved allotments for our kiosks. Before shopping in Kiosk mode, the customer will first choose their current state they live in. This will monitor allotments for in-state verse out-of-state residence.

Bug Fixes

  • Some users reported an administrativeArea error when leaving a review. We have patched this error.

  • Some stores reported an issue where multiple orders were coming in for the same person. Dispense added an idempotencyId that is optional when creating an order. If one is provided, we'll ensure that we don't have an existing order with that same ID. Our widget will now send that key when creating orders using the previous cart ID

  • While using order queues, it was reported that the customers text message contained an additional character

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